XD Card Data Recovery: Picture Recovery from XD Card on Windows OS is Now Possible

As we know photo carries important part in our life and no body want to lose any of such file. XD card can be easily used to store wide range of pictures inside it in Windows OS. It is a removable storage device especially designed for storing file upto 8GB. It offer user with features like high speed, transfer rate etc which are generally needed in the modern technology. Though being a useful storage device, it get prone to corruption and you may lose all the photos or pictures stored in it. Sometime you may also end up accidentally deleting up data too.

There could be other reason responsible for loss of pictures too like virus infection, formatting XD card, XD card corrupted, accidental deletion of files, corrupted XD card etc. Hence due to any of the above mentioned issues, in Windows OS, user end up deleting their files from it. When any of the above issue arises, the first thing user should do is to stop using the memory card and do not save any new files in it. This would avoid overwriting of the old files by a new one. Then immediately download a reliable recovery software for instant XD Card photo Recovery.

What to Do Next: Use Photo Recovery Software

Photo recovery software is an software which can be easily purchased from the market to retrieve the lost pictures from XD Card in Windows OS. It is very easy to get back all the deleted files from the memory card with the help of this recovery software. It uses advanced scanning algorithm to scan the entire drive and identify the file which is to be recovered. When scanning process completes over, it ask user to restore the file in the location as desired. The software also displays user preview of the photo when scanning process get overs. It does not modifies the original file . The photo recovery software is available in two version that is demo and licensed one The demo version can be easily downloaded to see how well it works but to save the file licensed version should be used.

How to Use Photo Recovery Software

Step 1: Download and install photo recovery software and then connect XD card to your PC. Then click on the Start Scan button.

Step 2: Select a specific drive from the list in order to retrieve those deleted Pictures.

Step 3: Now select the file type and then start the scanning process.

Step 4: You can also select a single or all files for recovery and also have preview of those files before recovery process starts up.

Step 5: When scanning process completes over, you can view the list of all recovered data.

Step 6: Then save your photos in a location as desired.


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